Week 3 – Breathing Exercise (MARC)

15 10 2013

Article Highlight: The Adolescent PeriodThis quick read is from the book,  Learning 2 BREATHE, and offers a glimpse at some of the latest research related to adolescent development.

Podcast – Present Moment Mindfulness-Mindfulness, Practice and Science -Great podcasts, articles and resources.

2imageClassroom Practice: Check out this 5 minute breathing meditation from the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA:


Week 2 – Teacher Resources

7 10 2013

Website/Article Highlight: The Guardian Teacher Network has a great section, with lots of resources, on incorporating mindfulness into the classroom. Check it out here:

How to Teach Mindfulness

Video Spotlight: Students share their personal experiences and opinions of mindfulness practice:

Classroom Practice: This week’s practice is a scripted mindfulness practice for relaxation. There is also a link on the script to a guided audio version:

Mindfulness Relaxation Exercise Script-Mind Space

Week 1- An Introduction to Mindfulness

2 10 2012

1. Article Highlights: These excerpts are from the introduction to Learning  to BREATHE, a mindfulness curriculum for adolescents, and a short introduction to mindfulness from the Mindfulness Research Guide.

2. Video Spotlight: Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR) speaks on mindfulness in education and social-emotional learning:

3. Classroom Practice: This week’s practice is S.T.O.P. The purpose is to Stop, Take a breath, Observe, and Proceed. Check out more here:

STOP and De-Stress in 30 Seconds

Here’s a guided version: