Week 7 – R.A.I.N.

18 11 2013

ARTICLE HIGHLIGHT – Can Mindfulness Make Us Better Teachers? – Huffington Post

VIDEO: Susan Kaiser Greenland, director of the Inner Kids program, discusses a new set of A,B,C’s – Attention, Balance & Compassion:

CLASSROOM PRACTICE: R.A.I.N. RAIN is a mindfulness practice that can be used with any content of mind, but is typically applied to unpleasant, uncomfortable, or upsetting material (the focus here).  RAIN is an acronym that incorporates the core teachings of mindfulness, and instructs us to Recognize, Accept, Investigate, and Not-identify with difficult thoughts, feelings, desires, etc.

Read more about how to apply this exercise at Skillful Means

Week 6 – Three Center Check-In

3 11 2013

Article Highlight: Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People Developed for The Mindfulness in Schools Project, this compact summary succinctly provides easy-to-read stats and figures.

Video Highlight: Pam Weiss, founder of Appropriate Response, leads a group of employees in this week’s classroom practice, the 3-Centers Check-In:

Classroom Practice: 3-Centers Check-In (created by Pam Weiss of Appropriate Response.) Using our head, heart and body as our guide, the 3-Centers Check-In provides an opportunity for us to ground ourselves in the present moment:

3-Centers Check-In Guided Audio Meditations (4 or 10 minutes)

3-Centers Check-In Handout